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Popcorn Dusted Corn On The Cob

My love for movies is on display here! Again, we are utilizing corn in more than one preparation and blending the popcorn into a fine dust is a fun twist. The powder will add that salty flavor and balance well with the lime butter and natural sugar from the corn. Incorporating tajin (a famous Mexican condiment) enhances the brightness of the lime while adding a subtle hit of heat. A sure crowd pleaser that’s also a great talking point.


  • Corn (extra sweet, left in husk) 4 ea.

  • Butter (melted) 6 oz.

  • Lime (zest and juice) 2 ea.

  • Popcorn (kettle, microwavable, popped) 1 ea.

  • Tajin 2 tbsp.

  • Salt as needed


For the corn: Boil the corn in heavily salted water for at least 30 minutes (until tender). Schuck corn being sure to remove any of the silk left in between the kernels. Add the lime juice and zest to the butter and roll the ears of corn in the butter (make sure the entire ear of corn is covered in the lime butter). Mix the popcorn powder with the Tajin and pour onto a tray (leave enough room so you have space to roll them) and coat the corn with the popcorn mixture and serve immediately.

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